Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use any animal products?
All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.


How do I use PerfBaby?
- Apply to skin as frequently as needed; consistency is the key to the best results.


Can I use PerfBaby if I'm pregnant?
- PerfBaby is safe to use during and after pregnancy.


Can I use PerfBaby on my infant/child?
PerfBaby was created to use on infants/children, however many adults have appreciated the products for their own skin use.


When will I see improvement in my skin?
- Everyone's skin is different. We recommend moisturizing the skin as needed throughout the day to achieve the best results. 


Where do you ship?
- PerfBaby ships anywhere in the USA including Puerto Rico, Guam, & US Virgin Islands. We recently started International shipping and we are excited to extend our products globally. 


 Why does the body butters melt? 
At PerfBaby LLC we are dedicated to keeping our products natural and preservative free. Our body butters are lightly whipped which creates a fluffy texture with a smooth consistency. As a result, our products can lighten or melt during the delivery process, especially in warm weather as they sit in warm delivery trucks or mailboxes.



What should I do if my product melts?
Unfortunately, melting is a natural response to heat and warm temperatures. We do not have no control over the conditions during the delivery process. We recommend tracking your products and immediately removing them from warm temperatures and putting it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes if melted.